We are a Proud Start-Up

The changed lifestyles and growing complexities of life, has led to the emergence of various health issues in India, which require quality and affordable healthcare. With the foresightedness that no stakeholder in healthcare ecosystem can work in isolation, we developed a team from different arenas, to change the face of healthcare in India. Our innovative team is dedicated to the task of translating medical devices into simple, automated instruments that can be used at home without many skills. We endeavor to ease the medical journey of people by bringing not just healthcare, but also treatment at their doorstep. All our service and devices have been developed in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

We will bring all the services related to infertility on a single platform where couples can consult doctors online, get tests done at their convenience, perform IUI at home, receive recommendations to best infertility centers and make the whole journey more credible and efficient.

Problem we care

According to WHO reports, infertility is increasing at the rate of 17% year over year. Yet the treatment is out of reach for 99% of couples in India. SUBHAG is a consolidated effort of experienced medical professionals and entrepreneurs, to make infertility treatment more accessible, comfortable and credible through their online portal.


Our vision is to make infertility treatment easily accessible, hassle-free and credible, by building up a plan comprising of video consultations, home based tests and IUI, best IVF centers. The plan has been formulated under the guidance of leading medical practitioners and infertility experts and follows regulatory requirements.


SUBHAG aims to reach its vision through its pilot project IUI @ home. Through this, we will provide IUI services at home, making the treatment more accessible to couples by bridging the gap between infertility and treatment.

Subhag’s inception is tied to a very real personal experience of one of its founders. Numerous pain-points experienced in each step of the conception process prompted the founder to think hard about a better solution. This personal drive quickly led to a thorough market research which indicated that the infertility treatment market is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. However, the current value chain is ridden with unfair care provider dominance, lack of transparency to patients, tediousness of the treatment delivery and extremely high costs making the treatment unaffordable to a vast majority of the target population. In this environment, there is an acute need of a solution that addresses each of these issues. A product and business model that resolves these issues faced by rapidly growing population of couples who need critical help in their journey to conception. Which is bound to have a strong moat and sustainability. Subhag’s founders developed a solution that does exactly the same and have implemented their vision through over one years’ worth of rigorous research and product development efforts. Subhag’s team has developed a solution that is posed to disrupt the delivery of infertility treatment care. In the immediate future, we plan to be the #1 provider of home-based IUI treatment solution provider in the world and have achieved major initial milestones along that path.  Subhag’s longer term vision is to develop into a research focused medical technology solutions platform with the goal to effectively commercialize innovation in the med-tech space. Subhag’s product has the potential to re-define the value chain in the domain of infertility treatment and differentiates itself from multiple perspectives:

  • Enables user friendly, patient enabled application at home
  • Eliminates need for unnecessary clinical intermediaries
  • Is multiple times cost-effective as compared to currently available alternatives
  • Could be deep-tech enabled efficiently and has the potential to provide intelligence that can have tangible impact on treatment outcomes.

Subhag’s management team has the vision to develop Subhag into a one-stop-solution service provider for infertility treatment issues.